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Roll the Dice for Casino Thrills

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Dice feature heavily in many games. The random nature of the number generator that is a die means that dice are used to generate the element of luck in a game. No one can predict the roll of the dice and so it is inevitable that, for betting, dice are perfect accessories.

In casino gambling, dice have also been used heavily. Although there are various other random number generators, such as the roulette wheel and the shuffling of cards, the basic form of the die still holds its own in the casino. The game of craps is of course perhaps the most well known for its involvement with dice. This game is one of the most complex available in casinos with plenty of different betting options. Craps is also a noisy, bustling and fun game to play in a live casino.

A lot of the fun of craps comes from the rolling of the dice – the ‘shooter’ throws the dice against the back wall of the table and everyone else cheers him on! Because you can bet with or against the shooter, the atmosphere around the table can get quite heated and a busy game is always a very exciting spectacle on the casino gaming floor!

Another game in casinos where dice feature prominently is sic bo. This game is a Chinese classic and, although less well known than many casino games, it is a niche favourite for many and there is certainly a hard core following for this superb casino classic. The game is played with three dice and uses an electronic board which lights up on the different areas, denoting dice combinations, which have won.

The rules of sic bo are not difficult to learn - the board may look confusing at first but it is really quite simple. Traditionally, the dice in sic bo were shaken in a cup or basket, but today they are shaken electronically. The computer lights up the winning areas on the sic bo table. Some of the bets can have a house edge as high as 18%, so it is important to check out all the details of rules and betting options at a reputable online gaming site, or ask your dealer at a land-based casino.

The game of sic bo can often be found in the Asian games section of the casino and attracts a lot of new players due to its attractive visual appeal. Players bet on the outcome of the roll of the three dice – whether single numbers or different combinations of dice. This game has always been a minority interest in casinos both land-based and online, but it has gained popularity over recent years. Unlike its more famous dice cousin, craps, sic bo has a more elegant and less boisterous atmosphere. Indeed, the game of sic bo has become more attractive particularly to female players in recent years.

These are the two most popular dice-based casino games. Other common casino games include the wheel-based classic, roulette, the lesser known wheel game, Big 6, and card games such as blackjack, baccarat and various types of poker.

Dice remain an integral part of most board games and will always feature in some way in many casino games. The random throw brings a feeling of luck and chance like no other – meaning that both craps and sic bo offer quite unique thrills to gaming fans.