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A Brief History of Dice

The Romans may have given us the word for "die" but these fascinating gaming objects have been around a lot longer than the empire arose. The term "die" comes from datum which translates as "something played" and then made its way into Old French as "" before being carried over into English.

Dice are simple random number generators which allows for an unknown value to be introduced into a game. They can be used to create the element of chance needed to gamble in real life or online casinos, or they can be used to determine a handicap or a bonus for a table-top game. Craps is one of the most popular dice games, it’s usually played in a casino, and once you know how to play, you can win some serious money. Twenty years ago, before the rise of the computer game when board games were hugely popular, their primary assocation might have been for fun within the home for but in the 21st century they tend to be the dominant visual in the casino game. There are now many online casinos available to people that want to get their game on.

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It seems to be a pattern from human history that gambling in all forms has permeated society. Most of the known early civilizations have shown evidence of some form of gambling games. Whenever technology moved forward in the world, so to has the opportunity to gamble. Now in the age of the internet, there are many online gambling sites to chose from. But where did it all begin?

Some of the earliest known examples of dice are made from the ankles of oxen and bone remains a popular material in Mongolia and certain other countries, along with ivory and wood, but the oldest in the world are from the Persian city Sukhte (which means "burnt city"). This area is a large bronze age city within modern-day Iran on the banks of the Helmand River, and the dice from 3000 BC belonged to a game which was the pre-cursor to what we call backgammon. The game included 60 checkers plus two dice and pre-dates famous games found in Ur.

There has also been archaeological work done on The Indus Valley Civilization which seems to show that in the Sindh and Punjab provinces of today's Pakistan the die was present and South Asia seems to have been the point of origin in general. In fact a Buddha games list talks about a dice game, and there is mention in Mahābhārata (which is an ancient Sanksrit Indian epic and one of the longest poems in the world, at 1.8 million words). features rules and reviews for the top gambling games. If you want a more extensive guide covering all gambling topics, we suggest you try During this poem the principal protagonist Yudhisthira plays dice against Kauravas in order to win land.

The Greek upper classes also enjoyed dice games at their symposia and gambling was done with two or three dice.

The Romans who, as mentioned gave us the term 'die', were also partiers and gamblers. The likes of the Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus criticised the youth of the day as worthless layabouts who played dice games when they should have been taming their horses, and dicing was a hugely popular. Much legislation existed at the time to govern the gambling of money on dice games and the numbers of laws passed represented the importance given to the pastime. One interesting law said that even if someone had been swindled or attacked by a gambler in his house, because he had allowed the gambling to take place, he was unable to bring any prosecution against the attacker. If you enjoy online games then make sure you try your luck on a wide range of casino games to play on and win fantastic jackpots. Also choose from a selection of arcade games to enjoy.

The pub was a popular location for the Roman gamblers and interestingly a plaster wall painting exists which depicts two arguing dice-throwers being chucked out of a pub by the landlord. The Romans, just like today, had their crooks, and frequently the dice which have been excavated in modern archaeological sites are loaded. One die which is held at a museum in Hadrian's Wall lands on a six about seventy percent of the time. Skewing these kinds of casino games is far from popular in today's modern venues!

Loaded or crooked dice like this can be created in a number of ways and the idea is for the owner of the die or dice to use this to his advantage when gambling. The Roman dice mentioned above were created by weighing more to one side internally which is part of the reason that modern Casino dice are transparent, not like online dice like at the spin palace casino so that they can be shown to have no inconsistencies within. Another method of influencing the outcome of the roll is to chamfer the edges more on some sides than others. This can be more easy to see just from handling the dice. Dice that are weighted are done so either to make them win or lose more regularly. One particular type of loaded die has a mercury chamber at the centre which when tapped or tipped sends the mercury down a tube to either the high or low value, which allows the outcome to be set just before the die is rolled. Similarly wax can be used if it has the right melting point, so that being clasped within the palm melts the wax enough to move it do the appropriate side of the die and weight the outcome. it may not be possible to weight the game in your favour without cheating, but there are ways to learn to play the odds better, and improve how you play when it's not all about luck. Choose your card boards and watch the lucky combos come your way. Visit us and feel the action first hand. There's always room for some serious bingo gaming, join us today!

Romans also recorded their contemporaries' love of the dice-players and the famous senator and historian Publish Cornelia Tacit us says that the Germans were extremely fond of this form of gambling and were even prepared, should they end up gambling away their possessions, to put their personal freedom on the line as part of the next bet. The website is a fantastic German portal that provides info for all the various table games that can be played online. Should you wish to claim a free bonus before playing any of the mentioned table games, we suggest heading to as they offer a wide range.

The simple throwing of dice and its random factor remained a popular pastime due the fact that it required no additional equipment, and like a game of bingo was not difficult to learn to play. After the Romans, Saxons and Vikings had been and gone, it still persisted into the middle ages. Dice throwing became a favoured occupation for the knights and they took their interest into the formation of schools and guilds for dicers.

Following on from the most ancient knucklebone form, this readily available organic material remained the best choice. Occasionally some rarer substances are used and into modern times particularly stone or metal can be found, but the most common choice today is plastic and specifically cellulose acetate and bakelite.

Standard dice are six-sided cubes with each face showing one of a number of up to six pips. Since almost their first creation this has been the standard appearance, although there are other variations which allow for a wider range of numbers to be chosen from.

A standard of 1.6 cm has evolved, but almost all dice from ancient times to the present day sit within this range of 1-2 centimetres. The opposing faces of dice usually add up to seven and the pips also tend to be a universal standard. One minor difference is that in Asian dice the "two" pips are parallel with the edges of the face, where in the European style the pips are placed in the corners. In Asian dice the pips also tend to be much closer together. Asian dice have an over-sized single pip which helps to counter-balance the fact that more material is missing from the surfaces with more dots and although it makes very little statistical different, the six is therefore always the lightest side. Casinos have gone some way towards dealing with this problem by having the pips filled with a different coloured material of the same density as the rest of the die, and therefore their outcome is far closer to being truly random.

As well as the most common six-faced dice, polyhedral variations have been more common in the past fifty years with people playing war games, role play games and online pokies. Despite their modern appearance they are not a new invention, with the Romans using icosahedral dice which is a shape of 20 faces each of an equilateral triangle. An example of this type of die is held in the British Museum but sadly we do not know how it was used or to what game it belonged. Other forms of unusual dice are four-sided tetrahedrons, eight-sided octahedrons, ten-sided decahedron (actually kite-shaped pentagonal trapezohedrons) and twelve-sided dodecahedrons.

Most games are built upon the theory of probability. You know you will get two sixes once every 36 dice throws – at least in the long run. You know that there are nine spades left in the deck when drawing to a flush in poker. If you wish to become a successful gambler, study the math behind the game and read online poker news to locate the juiciest games and play free online roulette game to discover how the systems work.

Modern culture has seen the rise of the internet and the gaming website. The diversity of websites acount the world and the technology allowing a multitude of games to be played has caused an explosion in the interest in online gaming.

The rise of the poker industry in recent times has been extraordinary. Within a decade, the game of Texas Hold 'Em has risen up to be the defacto standard card game played at home for fun amongst friends and in the huge online gambling community. Where once the most generally popular game might have been draw poker as shown in many films such as Maverick, the new 'standard' version seen played on the big screen is almost always Texas Hold 'Em, for instance in the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale. You can also earn a good deal of money by getting a bonus deal when you play internet poker or at the online casino. These types of gaming website have major communities behind them they stretch into the real world for tournaments, meetings and various other things.

Most games are built upon the theory of probability. You know you will get two sixes once every 36 dice throws – at least in the long run. You know that there are nine spades left in the deck when drawing to a flush in poker. If you wish to become a successful gambler, study the math behind the game and read online poker news to locate the juiciest games.

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Gambling Addictions

Those who are too fond of their dice games, and too often found at the casino (either online or in the real world) may have a serious problem. The word "ludomania" is the proper term for the urge to compulsively gamble even though the person knows of the down sides involved with losing. It is a recognised mental disorder and it actually appears as a pathological psychiatric problem in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. If you would like to read about some of the more unusual gambling games like Pachinko and Mahjong then we recommend visiting this site.

Whilst dice games such as craps are relatively small fry compared to the opportunities to loose money at higher stakes games online, particularly with Online Poker and Online Blackjack being popular today, people who have a preoccupation with the ideas of gambling and are unable to to control the compulsion to do it put themselves at serious financial and medical risk. The gamblers will generally experience many similar symptoms to a drug addict, such as developing a need for a greater and greater "hit" to experience the rush, and they will also start to suffer withdrawal symptoms the longer they go without gambling.

The buildup of debts generates other sociological problems because the gambler will turn to friends and family for financial help and often seek out undesirable means of raising cash, such as selling of property or contacting loan sharks. Some gamblers go so far as to lose their house due to their problem, and some will find it hard to buy a new home because of the bad credit they generate due to their habit. Due to the nature of their problems, gamblers tend not to seek out sensible financial or mortgage advice and instead will bury their heads in the sands, and continue their degeneration, whilst snowballing the problem. Their problems can be further worsened by the fact that people who gamble tend to have impulse control problems and are therefore less able to help themselves over acts of theft and vandalism, and they often suffer from other disorders such as kleptomania and pyromania.

A pattern of lies builds up around the addiction to hide their behaviour and they will continually try to bet larger amounts of money in the belief that they can win back the money they have lost. Addicts often break the law in order to fund their habit and they are generally willing to risk relationships and their home life in general in order to gamble. If you are worried about the level of gambling you do, seek help!

In October 2008 the BBC screened a three-part drama starring Steve Coogan called Sunshine in which he played a man addicted to gambling. He was scammed and lost his money on horse-racing.

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Gambling addiction was a serious problem for a grandson in Liverpool who stole £17,000 from his blind grandfather over 4 years to pay for his gambling habbit. In 2008 the city of Liverpool was named Capital of Culture and held large numbers of events across numerous venues to celebrate arts, sport, music, heritage, and culture. At one time named the 'Second city of the Empire', the city hosts an extraordinary array of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings.

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The latest developmentions in concrete structure building allowed for the likes of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Luck to be erected, with over two thousand rooms, and at the time it was one of the latest hotels in the world.